Burnham Commercial Boilers – General Information

Burnham Commercial Boilers is one of the top rated manufacturers and distributors in the USA of superior quality boilers and boiler control systems for commercial and industrial purposes. Everyone who purchase and installs a Burnham boiler, gets a boiler engineered and manufactured towards the highest production standards. Burnham Commercial Boilers headquarters are based in Lancaster, PA, where is also the Burnham Commercial Boilers’s full-time engineering department located, utilizing the most advanced modeling and design programs on the software market, to construct one of the most energy-efficient and reliable boilers available in the USA today. Among the key benefits of all the Burnham boiler series is the fact that the in-house based Research and Development department of the company demands every manufactured boiler to meet stringent safety and performance tests before it is introduced to the marketplace.

All Burnham boilers cast iron sections are manufactured by Burnham Foundry LLC, situated in Zanesville, Ohio, after all final boiler specifications are set. The complete range of Burnham boiler series are manufactured and assembled in Burnham plants where extremely advanced machinery is utilized and operated by highly trained and experienced professionals who guarantee that each boiler section is machined and assembled in accordance to the highest possible standards of quality and reliability. During the entire manufacturing process of each Burnham boiler, the company’s Quality Control department handles the entire assembly process under extreme quality control in order to guarantee that all the top production standards are met and customers’ satisfaction will be achieved.

The Burnham boilers can proudly wear the Burnham Commercial name only after passing the described testing and quality control process.

The certified manufacturing process along with the fact that the company employs a vast network of extremely knowledgeable representatives and support personnel to market and support all the Burnham boilers offered to the market, is the key factor for the market success of the company.

All the high standards of the complete manufacturing process as well as the quality assurance are backed with warranties ranging up to 10 years and by a dedicated Customer Care Center to support Burnham’s customers long after the boiler installation is completed.

Additional information about all the Burnham Boilers can be found on the Burnham Commercial Boilers website.


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